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You are Her

Arc Publications 2010 • £8.99 (PB), £11.69 (HB)

Another ‘miscellaneous’ collection, my first since 2002, You are Her takes its title from a faded information board on Hadrian’s Wall (which has since been replaced I noticed when I was last up there). It plays around themes of location and disorientation, investigating the possibility of the transformation of suffering. Some of the poems arose from a horse-riding accident in 1995 that damaged my spine – the same week that Superman fell off his horse, with much more serious consequences. The central section considers the legacy of Capability Brown, born in Northumberland, at Kirkharle, in 1716, happily combining my fascination with the landscape, biography, gardening and the 18th century.

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book of days

Smokestack Books 2009 • £7.95

Throughout 2006 I made a practice of writing a renga verse every day, alternating three lines and two lines. It was an opportunity to watch the year as it passed and to save what caught my eye or seemed important, a mixture of the ridiculous and the sublime. The book really came together when Sue Dunne showed me her twelve ceramic fragments cast from the hedgerows of Northumberland throughout the year. It’s grown to incorporate live readings with musician Rosie Lewis and friends. I would never have expected such a tight form to admit so many interpretations and invite so much appreciation. book of days was Inpress’s Book of the Month when it came out in Autumn 2009.

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The Toast of the Kit-Cat Club: A Life of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

Bloodaxe 2005 • £7.95

This biography in verse of the 18th century writer and traveller Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (1689–1762) was seven years in the making. I started it during a residency at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Mass., worked on it some more at Hawthornden Castle and fitted the rest in between my other commitments. I am particularly grateful to Lady Mary’s biographer, Isobel Grundy, for her warm introduction:

"Who would have thought you could catch a person, a lifetime, in about sixty poems? …Each poem addresses a moment, offers a piercing insight, opens a window and leaves the different possibilities blowing through… I love the woman they are written about, and I find this tribute from one writer to another both dazzling and moving."
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The Simultaneous Dress

Bloodaxe 2002 • £7.95

I love the Man Ray photograph Bloodaxe were kind enough to let me have on the cover. It’s a lot more gorgeous than Sonia Delaunay’s simultaneous dress the book’s named after, which looks more like a huge patchwork banana. I’m very fond of this book generally – it marks the beginning of a change in the direction of my work, a new spaciousness.

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Bloodaxe 1997 • £6.95

Storyville came out to coincide with an exhibition of the same name by the artist Birtley Aris, accompanied by specially commissioned music by Keith Morris and Lewis Watson. Keith and Lewis composed music for the jazz section of the book and I got to be the singer in the band, which I adored. Like Gaul, this collection is divided into three parts: the other two sections look at memory/imagination (Home Movies) and prostitution (On the Game).

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The Gentleness of the Very Tall

Bloodaxe 1994 • £6.95

My second collection came out quite soon after my first. I also edited the anthology Sixty Women Poets during these rather hectic years when I moved 15 miles down the Tyne like a restless salmon. I was delighted to receive a Poetry Book Society Recommendation for Gentleness. It was also longlisted for a Los Angeles Times Book Award.

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Bloodaxe 1992 • £5.95

My first book Red came out in 1992 after poems were included in Carol Rumens’s anthology New Women Poets and an Echo Room pamphlet Acts of Love in 1990. A week after publication I was reading from it on a British Council tour to Berlin and East Germany just after the Wall came down. Although these poems feel very old, some going back to the mid-80s, quite a few are still current, still favourites.


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Another Wild

Hareshaw Press 2014 • £9 (including postage)

An updated version of the 2004 wild, with eight new poems and pictures by Birtley Aris.

"another wild is a rich refreshment for the spirit and the senses" – Sean O’Brien
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Border Song

Hareshaw Press 2012 • £6.50 (including postage)

This collaboration with the artist Kim Lewis re-imagines the Old Testament Song of Songs set in the North Tyne Valley. Published by Hareshaw Press, Border Song is available from Kim's studio at The Hearth at Horsley or via her website

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Through the Garden Gate

NCLA 2011 • £6.50 (including postage)

This selection of work written in response to Moorbank Botanic Garden, where Linda was Leverhulme Poet in Residence 2010 – 11, is illustrated with drawings by Kim Lewis.

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The Moon & Flowers

Queens Hall Arts Centre 2008

The fruits of a three year journey at Chesters Walled Garden in a neatly folding map format, designed by Melanie Ashby. Twelve poems chart the month-by-month ritual of presence, the rigour and beauty of paying attention to a changing world. These were the starting point for the soundscape recorded and edited by Chris Watson.

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Talking Pen 2004 • £5

This little folding beauty (artfully designed by Steve Urwin, editor of Moodswing) was published to raise funds for a hostel for ex-untouchable girls in Nagpur, India. I stayed with them for two weeks during a six month trip to Sri Lanka and India in 2000-1. Two months of that time was spent on pilgrimage to the traditional Buddhist sacred sites on the plains of India and Nepal.

Available from: Talking Pen, 12 Derby Crescent, Moorside, Consett, County Durham, DH8 8DZ. Cheques (£5.00) payable to Talking Pen

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Sand Press 2004 • £5

If Aerogramme captures some of the colour and light of the east, wild is its grey brooding Northumbrian sister. During 2002 Birtley Aris and I visited a different place in the North East in search of wild flowers. The poems and pen and ink drawings juxtapose a tiny flower with the wider landscape and spirit of the place.


Rowing Home

Rowing Home

Cruse • £10

This anthology of poems arising from the experience of bereavement was created in response to the entries received from all over the world to the first Cruse Tyneside Poetry Competition. I read over 500 poems, all written straight from the heart, and the book includes the winners, commended poems and a selection of the rest — all charting the journey through grief, from the shocked early days to a place of greater calm and resolution. Buying a copy of Rowing Home will help anyone suffering the pain of loss and also support Cruse in its important work.

Available from: Cruse Bereavement Care, 2 St Gabriel’s Avenue, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 5QN. Cheques (£10.00) payable to Cruse Bereavement Care Tyneside

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Sixty Women Poets

Bloodaxe • £9.95

I read over 100 women poets for this anthology of work from Britain and Ireland since 1971, when Stevie Smith died. It took me a year full-time and there were books stacked up in every room of my house. Even though all the reading was immensely stimulating I had to restrain myself from writing any poetry of my own during this time, which is maybe why the poems in Gentleness came out in such a torrent when they could.

Poetry Book Society Special Commendation

"This is full-bodied, full-blooded stuff; there's ambivalence and unease as well as celebration" – Suzi Feay, Time Out
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The Poetry Virgins • £5.95

It was a real pleasure to edit this selection of poems from the repertoire of the Poetry Virgins. I remember sitting on my lawn one beautiful sunny afternoon going through a nearly-there version with Julia Darling and Ellen Phethean. Before the Newcastle launch (in then-Dillons, now-Waterstones) we drank champagne from bookish mugs in the stock room upstairs, the Poetry Virgins all dressed in black with wondrous jewellery and chef’s hats.


What others say

"…simply delightful…France has long established herself as a major British voice."
Jane Holland, Poetry Review
"…commitment and generosity…a poetry of inscapes, informed in their turn by outscapes and landscapes."
Jean Atkin
"…a restless and curious writer with a decided voice of her own. …a poet with a rich and dynamic imagination and an increasingly assured technique with which to do its bidding. …a new authority and at times a hard-won and startling simplicity in dealing with the nature of identity and of love."
Sean O’Brien
"…a distinct, muscular and compact lyric power, with breathtaking but smooth transitions between the quotidian and the surreal."
Pascale Petit
"Linda France’s work provides further evidence that much of the most energetic, vital poetry today is by women."
Christina Patterson,
The Independent
"Her empathy with other voices and her fearlessness in approaching a wide range of subject-matter command respect…"
Jamie McKendrick, Times Literary Supplement
"Sensuous and pensive…gentle yet surprisingly hard-hitting."
Emma Perry, Time Out