A series of ceramic pieces inspired by the wild daffodils in Letah Wood, Northumberland, created by Sue Dunne, and exhibited at this year’s STanza Festival in St Andrew’s. The poem that emerged from walks in the wood is in memory of the writer Julia Darling who died in 2005 when the daffodils were in flower.


As hard to imagine a Spring without
daffodils as to look at the world
and not see your face in it. I don't want
to admit either are possible

walking along this path – beech mast crunchy
underfoot, ants in heaps of muscovado,
what might be a redstart on the horizon –

then kneeling in front of these daffodils,
soft as light, strong as woodland quiet,
small cups of sun full of the taste of earth.

If I told you, ground and mixed with barley meal,
they could heal wounds, would you look at me
from wherever you are like an echo –
wild and blowing and gold and open?

March/July 2005

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